Powerful, enterprise-grade routing for React applications

Declarative & asynchronous route elements and data loaders, first-class Search Param APIs, nested-routing, code-splitting and so much more.

Table Stakes, but Without the Table

While React Location pays serious homage to features that users have come to expect from existing routers in the ecosystem like React Router and Next.js, it's not wasting any time by ignoring the complexities and challenges of building client-side applications. React Location is hyper-focused on providing mega-smooth routing experiences that your users will immediately fall in love with.

Asynchronous Routing, Prefetching & Caching

Async routing has easily become the standard for full-stack react frameworks but where traditional SPA routing is falling behind, React Location packs a new modern punch. SSR-style async routing is the out-of-the-box default providing parallelized component-splitting and data-loading with minimal effort.

First-Class Search Params API

Where most other routers provide minimum-to-no support for intelligent URL search param management, React Location takes them very seriously to provide highly integrated support for matching, consuming, and manipulating URL search params at scale.

Try out the "Kitchen Sink" example below!

Build your paths. Fetch your data. Command those URL Search params! Render your routes... asynchronously of course!

A knob, toggle and function for everything!

As any great primitive utility would, React Location is designed to get out of your way when you need it to. Inversion of control is our name, and control is your game.

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